Do you worry about your pet when they are home alone?


My aim is to provide a flexible service based around the needs of your pet.  

Whether your dog needs to be walked alone, you have special rules in place for your dog when he/she walks or your cat or hamster has a special way to be picked up or fed, for example.  

The free initial consultation is arranged to discuss such requirements to ensure we provide the best care and service for your furry friend.

Dog Walking

This service is ideal for dog owners who are out all day or those now working from home but still unable to have time to walk their four legged fur babies.


I can collect your dog morning or afternoon from your home, come rain or shine. Don’t worry if you are not at home as I am police checked and insured to hold keys safely and securely.


Walks can be from 15 minutes to an hour long, in small groups with other dogs or alone depending on your requirements.  When the walk is over I can put down food if needed as well as top up water and give lots of fuss before leaving.


Owners who have used my services range from owners who need an everyday walk for their best friend to owners who occasionally need some help with their dog due to illness or long family days out.


I arrange a free initial consultation with all new clients this allows me to meet the pet and owner and discuss specific requirements.  

Pet "pop in" visits

This service is ideal If you work long hours or go out for long days with the family and don’t want to keep asking friends and neighbours to help out.

Or you have cats or small animals who you would rather leave at home whilst you go on holiday.


I can arrange to visit your home and feed your pet, top up water and change litter trays, whilst giving your pet some company in your absence,

I can also take in post, water plants and open & close curtains to give the appearance of occupation.


Visits start at 15 minutes and go up to 1 hour in length, depending on your requirements.

I arrange an initial consultation with all new clients this allows me to meet the pet and owner and discuss specific requirements.